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Training Programs
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Shoulders, Triceps, and Cardio

Standing One Arm Rear Cable Fly

3X10 (from bottom to top)

3X10 (from top to bottom)

BB Shoulder Press 3X8 (3 second pause at botoom)

EZ Bar Skull Crushers 3X8

 SS next Two Movements

Close Grip Bench Dips 3X25

Cable Press Downs 3X25

Cardio 30 Minutes (2 Movements)

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Core, Glutes, Hamstrings


Circuit next Four Movements

Machine Crunches 3X30

Side Planks 3X40 seconds (each side)

Flutter Kicks 3X40 (per leg)

Prone Planks 3X80 seconds

BB Romanian Deadlifts (up) Strait Leg Deadlifts (down)  4X12

Wide Leg Press 3X4 of 5 1/2 reps at bottom + 1 Full (24 reps per set 20 halves and 4 full)

DB High Bench Step Ups 4X8 (per leg)

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Chest, Biceps, and Cardio


Cardio 20 minutes

Incline Cable Chest Fly


3X10 (1/4 at bottom + Full)


DB Curls


3X10 (1/4 at bottom + Full)


Flat Hammer Press


BB Curl


Upright Dips or Decline Hammer Press

1X8 + 90 seconds

Machine Curls 

1X8 + 90 seconds



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Quads and Calves


SS next two movements

Standing Calf Raises


Leg Extensions


BB 1/4 Box Step Ups

3X20 per leg

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Back, Core, and Cardio


Various Abdominal and Core Movements 

1X6 minutes (clock stops when you stop)

1X50 Reverse Hyper Extensions

Lat Pull


Seated Cable Rows

2X15 (2 second pause at top)


1X50 Hyper Extensions

Cardio 10 minutes

Plyometrics/Field Work 15 minutes

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